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Deviation of nasal septum-plasty

Deviation of nasal septum-plasty

Nasal Congestion – Septum deviation: nasal cavity, the septum name in the central part of the nose and the vertical structure in the direction extending in two divided. Septal cartilage front, rear portion of the bone structure, and the mucosa is covered with. Septum during growth and development require excessive çervesine not S or C-shaped to fit curved or nose as a result of blows from Depending on the fracture of the septum may lose the normal structure. Septum to curl or thickening, nasal airway narrows or completely within is clicked. The patient does not breathe through the nose to mouth breathing that begins Based on this situation is difficult. Especially during feeding the patient breathing is not difficult to get, snoring may be asleep, again due to mouth breathing upper respiratory tract infections may occur.

Nasal mucosa structure and konkalar, and humidification of air entering the nose into, and harmful dust particles as well as to warm or filter provides. In the event of blockage of the nose, these functions will be eliminated oral air will go directly to the lungs.

Septum sometimes the only way to warp the air, but not narrow, the nose-shaped external farkedilecek to deformity, may cause warping. Emergencies outside the nasal septum or for surgical procedures will be applied to patients are expected to come to the age of 18.

Usually septum surgery if the patient has deformity in the nose, the same want to make aesthetic surgery initiative. Both septum and surgery the same operation can be done in the nose aesthetically, especially the curve noses application may be more advantageous. However, both in the same region of surgery and Due to some very important points nested must be considered. The most important, the septum cartilage and bone is removed, top and front average 1 cm. Leave a bridge is necessary to most. It be due In case of crashes or in the nose ridge deformities of the nose tip may arise.

In addition, the other for the mistakes made in this during surgery, although the leaves can be torn or is that you can break. Still an important issue in septum surgery, septal mucosa protection. Careless or sloppy in the operation, the mucosa parts and tissue loss as a result of or tear “septum perforation called hole in the middle part of the nose is formed. They operation will also need to be repaired.

Septum cerrrahisinde purpose, or if it becomes a thick twisty sections have primarily a The scratch team (scoring) of the flat shape making cartilage, make available, this portion of the membrane (perikondrium) by maintaining is removed. In some cases, various methods such as cartilage removed even with some sewing instead of re-enabling may be placed.

Cause nasal obstruction Another reason may be the side walls of the nasal cavity in the “concha” called thickening of the mucosa folds and the air path is blocked. Especially recurring infections, sinusitis (cheek bone in the air space of the inflammation) can cause such conditions to grow konkalarda. Growth may have also caused Konkaların sinusitis. In this case konkaların growing portion or sear the incineration, or partly by cutting should be removed. However, removing the extra turbinate still harmful and, dryness in the nose and can cause infection. To be issued by the adjusting the amount of very sensitive is required.

Other important airway obstruction when opening the subject, complete from front to back to the reviews is taken. Attempt to do very well whether the front at the rear will remain incomplete no attempt will not work a septum. Therefore, during surgery airline’s entire opening and must be checked thoroughly not be opened. Septum By applying a slight pressure in the septum initiatives bleeding after surgery Prevention and hard tissues in order to stay in certain way to nose apply the special buffer space.

A major fear of patients during the interests of these buffers may occur are pain and suffering. Today, former long buffers kulllanılan instead of the much shorter and stop bleeding in the materials properties use the special buffers. The buffer is removed the patient almost does not feel anything. Nose Pads average 2-4 days are kept inside. Longer than the buffer will be left in the nose if various infections may occur. The buffer is removed and a new multi mandatory may be placed. The buffer should not be any big time Kona Asri septum tissue very should not compressed. Otherwise, the septum mucosal tissue by the blood to be broken infections, necrosis and ultimately del septum may occur.

Vaginal aesthetic surgery

aginal aesthetic surgery

vaginal aesthetic surgery. Vagina after birth vagina main objective aesthetic done in stretching occurring as a result of permanent elimination of the resulting discontent, and also the people themselves feel better psychologically. Nowadays, people in all aspects of skin care and beauty and always happier and feel they can own their treatment that do not. Occurring after vaginal birth in the region except the permanent stretching of the other case creating discontent during the birth of the baby out Epizyotomi that made for the kesilerdir. In this region developed after healing scar tissue (scar) and the woman both men and women in terms of sexual satisfaction may prevent the relationship can turn into painful suffering.

Again, the vagina and rectum, called the urinary bladder prior to the last part of the intestinal tract of the anus or sexual dysfunction as well as prolapse of incontinence can cause pathological conditions such as. In cases where severe prolapse of the uterus to sag (prolapse uteri) may also occur. In addition to all these physical problems, many women do not like their own sexual organ anatomically, but it can often afraid to tell even their relatives. These issues often encountered in the case of the outer lips of the expression or asymmetric labium majus ing is larger than normal. This is probably the underlying reason for the change from pre-adolescence of sexual organs is showing.

People with such complaints to be made in plastic-aesthetic operations, psychological, and so as to support women depending on the deterioration of the sexual life will be able to make normal. All these causes of vaginal aesthetic surgery to take place in modern gynecological surgery caused. To sum up, this type of functional operations, and / or cosmetic purposes can be made.

Functional purposes of operations:Functional purpose of the operation, the birth or connective tissue elasticity of the minimum as a result who have sagging bladder and rectum of normal anatomic position, according to the repair, vaginal tissue in the interests of more and eventually, such as urinary incontinence complaints with the vagina due to the expansion, seen as the sexual dysfunction is to be repaired. Usually one or more complaints in the normal vaginal birth for women are made. Epidural anesthesia under general anesthesia usually process sometimes can be done. Operations according to the shape of the action takes usually between 15-30 minutes and patients can return to normal life within a few days. Often, a day after the operation the patient’s hospital stay is required. The morning after the surgery the same evening, sometimes patients can be sent to his house.

15-20 days after the postoperative sexual life can begin again. Very advanced cases of prolapse of the uterus in the downward and may even go out of the vagina (prolapse uteri). In such cases, the vaginal route, or the actual number of children fill up the uterine cervix can be totally (vaginal hysterectomy).

Cosmetic operations for: These operations by some physicians to be accepted as entirely aesthetic operations in some cases even fix damaged for the purpose of sexual function can also be found. Remain normal after birth of the vagina as a result of enlarged penis will decrease and be able to understand both men and women will bring about a sexual dissatisfaction. In this case, narrowing the vagina can be planted as a aesthetics. Sometimes bad because of painful scar healed Epizyotomi relationship or sexual dissatisfaction may arise. Here, under the existing local or general anesthesia and wound scar tissue be removed without cause reactions in place with suture material is re-erected as a aesthetics. At the same time depending on the birth of developing vaginal tears that will be corrected.

Sometimes the outer lips structurally labium majuslar that may be longer than normal. In this case the penis during sexual intercourse and that it can be stretched with labiumlar can lead to pain. In this case, for treatment and cosmetic surgery can be downloaded labiumlar to normal size. Correction is called Labiumların operations labioplasti. Similarly, the outer lips of the asymmetric case as well as psychological and sexual life can negatively affect the functional and yet labioplasti may be necessary.

In some cases where the age of advanced aging, depending on the external genital organs in the region can reduce fat tissue. This is especially the case given the name mons pubis hairy just below the groin, and shows itself in the higher regions. Likewise labiumlarda (lip parts) depending on the different causes thinning can be seen. In such cases, people from different regions of the transaction, received a similar amount liposakşın fat tissue in these areas can be corrected by injecting skin (fill operations). In the opposite way in these areas, the amount of fat tissue taken with the aesthetic appearance can be gained. However, in recent years, especially in European countries with the aim of regaining virginity with the surgical operations hymenoplasti (hymen repair) surgery has gained the date.

Treatment of breast growth in men

Treatment of breast growth in men

Breast enlargement in men √ therapy (Gynecomastia)
Gynecomastia male breast growth is normally more than ♥. Growth in breast tissue but rarely before puberty occurring after puberty are most often bereber.

♥ in patients with breast examination and admitted to growing need for radiological examination is applied.

♥ gynecomastic reasons are different. Hormone imbalances are the most common cause. Received hormone drugs, endocrine origin tumors, testicular development are the causes of gynecomastia other disorders encountered.

Puberty in boys during ♥ 60-70% of breast gland growth occurs, but this is not very remarkably in size. 6 to 18 months lost in the breast returns to normal size.

% Of adult male gynecomastia changes ♥ 40ında is available, this growth may be one or two-sided.

♥ as a method of surgical treatment, and breast gland liposakşın removal techniques are the most appropriate techniques. This treatment will vary according to the methods of breast examination.

Excess fatty tissue in the breast tissue ♥ existing method and good results in patients liposakşın are taken. With excess fatty tissue in patients with excess breast gland in the breast tissue should be removed liposakşın la.

Excess fat and breast tissue next to ♥ If excess skin is also available to remove fat and breast tissue in the skin along the side are removed. 3 weeks after surgery and patients bandage are applied to the monthly check is called.

Aesthetic aesthetic rhinoplasty nose surgery

Aesthetic aesthetic rhinoplasty nose surgery

aesthetic rhinoplasty nose surgery, plastic surgery to fix a person’s appearance purposes. aesthetic nose surgery or rhinoplasty, nose to correct view is to re-shape. Reconstructive rhinoplasty (aesthetic nose surgery), congenital disorder or injury occurred as a result is to correct deformity. At the same time as the disorder induced in order to relieve nasal congestion can also be done with the surgery.

Aesthetic nose surgery, nose surgery, the shape of an initiative is to reformat. With this surgery and to reduce the size of your nose, can be enlarged, the nose tip or your nose back to change the shape of the nose is narrow holes or between the nose and upper lip to change the angle, the nose ridge overhangs the bone can be corrected by taking. During the same surgery, developmental or collision which result deviasyonlar (obstruction of nasal airways) can be corrected. Rhinoplasty surgery, changing your physical appearance can increase your confidence in yourself, but you may not be possible to give an ideal view or other people may cause you to behave differently.

Surgery before you decide to be very good to think your expectations and you will need to share with your doctor. The best candidates for rhinoplasty are not perfect, the view is the correct order. If physically healthy, psychologically stable and realistic in your expectations if you can be a good candidate. To perform aesthetic rhinoplasty, or nose in order to correct curvature and difficulty in breathing by opening blockages in order to correct the problem can be made. Surgery, age, 18 years and higher. Social and emotional fitness of young people and this operation should make sure what they want. Changes in the shape of the patient’s nose for a better understanding about the demands of patients were operated before and after photos of patients before surgery are asked to make the comments. That the patient’s comments, about their expectations will be guiding.

Modern trends rinoplastideki, breathing through the nose of the process without disturbing, in every region of the nose is to gain a balanced and refined look. Also rinoplastide, on the non-specific, literal image intended to be a natural nose. However, more rarely, some patients removal of the nose tip or nose of the tread are more like to be curved. About this best practice, patient with the patient in the face of the mirror with your fingertips to lift the nose tip, and this amount with the ruler to measure the action metodudur.Genellikle according to the degree of difficulty the average operation lasts a half hour. Patients with preoperative sedation (calming drugs) are made. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Admitted in the hospital the night of surgery, the patient, not a significant problem, will be discharged the next day. At the end of surgery on the nose plaster splints is applied. Three-fifth day, the 10th renewal plaster day is completely removed. May occur around 10-15 days and Gözkapakları bruises will disappear. 15-20 days or longer nose on his back while there may be swelling can last. 80-90% of the first month I passed this swelling. 6-12 months while the remaining swelling resolve.

Youth or young adult years in the skin and other tissues in rhinoplasty canceled the effects of aging will not stop. By patients after surgery, which is expected to take the final status for a lifetime. However, operations in surgery, skin, cartilage and bone, or correction is to be taken to excess. Still belongs to all tissues and other tissues of aging patients with authentication feature, over time, it will lose the nose tissues. Therefore, the aesthetic nose surgery is a result of a lifetime is not altered the shape of the nose can not be expected.
Rhinoplasty, performed by an experienced plastic surgeon is very little probability of complications. However, infection, nose bleeding, or reaction to anesthesia, there is always the risk of complications such as. Possibility of these risks before and after surgery, your surgeon for his advice as to reduce compliance. Postoperative bleeding in the form of leaks will be seen, but they will stop completely within a day or two. Rhinoplasty surgery is performed through the nose and a visible scar on the outside (iz) does not occur.

If the “open technique” used to be narrow or broad nostrils of the nose at the base only if the upper lip between the nose and very little can be monitored. Suitable for patients of this part can be done without cutting open rhinoplasty. Very low rate after nose plastic surgery can occur (5%) a small deformity (such as undesirable permanent swelling) to fix the secondary (second) surgery may be required. These operations, according to the first operation will take less time and usually is done under local anesthesia. This type of revision surgery after the swelling completely corrected after six months rather be doing is convenient. However, in terms of experience and insufficient information made by the surgeon as a result of faulty operation of the major deformities or deformity correction is much more difficult. How do you prepare your surgeon operated on, eating and drinking rules, are at least 1 week before smoking cessation, face washing, etc. will be found in the instructions. Adhere carefully to this warning, your surgery will help you to pass more easily.

Rhinoplasty, and the prevalence of interference according to the surgeon’s choice, can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Are usually mild sedation and local anesthesia in the nose and surrounding tissues are numb, you will be awake during surgery but will be insensitive to pain. However, patients need surgery, the surgeon should not hear during surgery to concentrate better in terms of general anesthesia is preferred. Rhinoplasty surgery, usually one – takes a half hour or so, some complex or additional processing may take longer needed. During the surgery, nasal skin and the underlying cartilage and bone tissue is separated from the desired shape is brought. Formatting the patient’s problem and the surgeon chooses depends on technique. Usually excess parts forming tissues are removed with very precise cutting. Extracted tissues of the nose and sometimes available in another part can also be used for completion of the shortcomings. Many plastic surgeons do surgery within kesilerini nostrils. Sometimes, especially problematic in patients with nasal tip “open” initiatives can be selected and in the middle part that separates the nostrils (kolumella) is a small incision can be made here to be a better view of the structure is provided. Nose surgery ended, a new format to keep the plaster splints is applied.

Within the first 24 hours after surgery your face will feel swollen, your nose may ache, and headaches may be a blunt. Especially in eyelid surgery the next day there may be bruising and swelling. This situation will improve dramatically within a few days. The application of cold buffer reduces swelling and helps you feel better. First day in bed with your head to be slightly above (except for going to the bathroom) geçiriniz. On the evening of surgery is out of the bed and could walk a few can come. Once you’ve come to your bed six hours later, you can begin to take food by mouth watery. Every way, you’ll be better than your former appearance. Much of the swelling and bruises in two weeks passed. 90% in the first month of swelling resolve. Rest only 6 – 12 months will be entirely within.

In addition, a few weeks you may feel sluggish. Tissue at least one month have recovered to hit your nose against the need to protect. Buffer is removed within a few days your nose and you feel more comfortable. Back of the nose to reduce edema, depending laid plaster splints after a while you can relax. In this case, 3 to 5 plaster splint may need to be changed daily Sellin. Seam does not need to be taken because of the spontaneous melting catgut sutures are used. Plaster 10 day is completely removed. Approximately 10-14 patients during the day, school or business can return to become. Completely return to normal life may take you a few weeks. Return to normal activities in your surgeon will give detailed information. Activities that require excessive effort (jogging, swimming, bending, sexual relations-any activity can increase your blood pressure) 2-3 weeks should be avoided. Or rubbing your nose than to multiply and for a period of 8 weeks Avoid sunburn. Your face and hair while washing or careful when using cosmetics here. Feel good, does not feel you can use contact lenses. If you have complaints or unusual to do and do not hesitate to call your doctor if you can not question.

In the first days after surgery, you will be better than your face purple and swollen, while you can forget easily. In fact, many patients after plastic surgery makes him feel depressed. This is quite normal and should be understandable. This phase will pass with rest. Day after day your nose will look more beautiful and your emotions will be corrected. Still, recovery is slow and proceeds step by step. One year or more minor swelling may continue for a long time. In the meantime, unexpected reactions from family and some of your friends can see. Can not tell a big difference in your nose. Or disrupt a family tradition can act as gücenik. In such a case, first consider why you want to have an operation. If you have reached your goal you receive surgery was successful.

Aesthetic plastic surgery rhinoplasty nose

Aesthetic plastic surgery rhinoplasty nose

aesthetic rhinoplasty nose surgery, plastic surgery to fix a person’s appearance purposes. aesthetic nose surgery or rhinoplasty, nose to correct view is to re-shape. Reconstructive rhinoplasty, congenital disorder or injury to correct the deformity is formed. Rhinoplasty, nose surgery, nose reshaping that is to be operated. Aesthetic nose surgery of the nose with the existing structure and the proportions of the face by looking at the nose of the size reduction or be magnified, be diluted end, elevation to increase or reduction, nose-lip angle, nose and angle are changing the existing problem-oriented operations are scheduled. Rhinoplasty, nose shape, although the initiative are being corrected, nasal cartilage and bone in their curvature (deviation) or nose due to breathing problems known as turbinate hipertrofillerine also in the same operation can be improved. Deviation in patients with nasal deformity have skin in the curvature and the breathing function and deformity correction in the same operation is very important. Because the surgery reduces the chance of success is to be done in different sessions.

Aesthetic plastic surgery as the nose of the technique is the most feature operation. There are two reasons for this. Nose in the middle of the face most Binircisi attention because of the organ, even small errors and asymmetry is visible. The second function makes nose breathing and nasal organs, cartilage and skin to cover the nose breathing is an important role in the function. When a new nose shape and not to disrupt the formation of the functions of breathing disorders in the function if there is need to fix this too. For this reason, the other aesthetic aesthetic surgery of the nose, the surgeon is a little different knowledge, skills and experience can be said to be the most connected operation.

Rhinoplasty surgery before the patient, the doctor is extremely important meeting. Expectations of the patient by a doctor to know, whether these expectations realistic understanding and expectations of how much needs to be explained to the patient against. All people in the world of the nasal bone, cartilage and skin have different characteristics in terms of structure. Therefore, in each patient after the operation will occur as a result will be different. Properties of cartilage and bone of the nose leather will eventually play a major role. Thin-skinned, cartilage and bone must be shaped to obtain very good results in the nose as the nose tip, thick and oily skin with equally good results for weak cartilaginous noses can not be obtained.

Facial aesthetic purposes in accordance with the formation nose proportions and size with other breathing function as well as to create a nose. Her aesthetic nose surgery nose does not mean to shrink. If the length of the nose and height of the face as a small proportion of other processes, this ratio to correct nose cartilage and bone growth with additional user actions can be relaxing and extension. In our view the most beautiful cosmetic surgery results are not understood by others without any asymmetry, with the proportions of the face are compatible and natural noses. After completing the development of rhinoplasty nose can be made. This limit roughly 16-17 years in girls, for men can be given as 17-18 years.

With general anesthesia or local anesthesia rhinoplasty together, are preferred to general anesthesia. Surgery within the nostrils at the end of the operation was cut from a visible scar will remain. In the case of wide-narrow nose, wings, wing 5-6 mm long, the curves will remain in the incisions will be. But this place is full curves monitors do not attract attention.

Rhinoplasty surgery is average of two hours. Operations on the nose after the thermoplastic (hot water is melted, cooled when equipped) and a pattern applied for 6-7 days after surgery rhinoplasty tutulmaktadır.Biz do not put your nose into the buffer. Thus, immediately after surgery, the patient can breathe from the nose and a more comfortable postoperative period has passed. In addition, the skin under the nose during surgery due to the long-acting local anesthetic after surgery, patients do not need any pain. However, a slight swelling and bruises, especially gözaltlarında to create, at most the next day of surgery usually within a week of swelling and bruising has completely disappeared. Contrary to postoperative nasal aesthetic notion of a painless surgery last is very comfortable for the patient.

7. At the end of day on the nose, plastic mold is removed, it will be pasted on top of 3 to 4 days of paper plasters. 10 to 11 days many of the patients, surgery will not be understood that they have lost the swelling may return to their daily activities. However large and thick arched bony swelling on the nose of noses in the 3-4 weeks can find. The patient does not notice the nose skin edema (swelling and stiffness) gradually decreases in the months and the nose is thinner and beautiful appearance.